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A Special Note to all Trivia Lovers: We are just like you, we love a good game of trivia! But! The games we found at so many bars were games that just didn’t deliver the kind of fun we were looking for. You know the type of game we’re talking about, ask a lame multiple choice question, play a song and hit the snooze button. Then 3 or 4 minutes later, if you’re lucky, you might get another question. BORING!  We found ourselves sitting around two hours for a game consisting of 20 questions or less. Not too exciting.


We also didn’t want endless rounds of “themed” questions, ‘cause let’s be honest, if that “theme” isn’t your thing, you are stuck waiting around hoping the next “theme” will be something you have a chance of answering.


Triviality is different, we DON’T make you wait 4 minutes between questions and we DON’T do themed rounds. Our game is a glorious trivia free-for-all… Movies, Music, Pop Culture, Science, History, Television, Sports and anything else we can think of! You never know where we’ll go next.


Our game is over 50 questions coming at you in a fast, funny VISUAL format. That’s right, it’s not just some guy in the corner reading questions. Triviality lives up on the screens at our locations which allows us to play all kinds of visually interactive trivia, like…  Games shows, Picture Mash-Ups, Countdown Questions! No one else has them, we do.


Triviality takes the stale old formula and turns it upside down! When we say that “all trivia games are NOT created equal” we mean it.  AND we can back it up.


If you need to catch up on your rest then feel free to visit one of our competitors, if you want a game that keeps you on-your-toes and engaged for 2 full hours the you simply have to check out Triviality





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